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Liquid control

Vacuum packing liquids with liquid control

Useful option you can choose when buying your Henkelman machine. 

Vacuum packing liquids with liquid control

Soups, sauces, meat and even flour; almost all food products and even non-food products such as oiled parts contain moisture. In a vacuum, this moisture boils at lower temperatures. The liquid control option detects the boiling point and initiates the next step in the vacuuming process. This prevents drying of your products and/or moisture from the product entering the chamber. The chamber therefore remains clean while vacuum-packing liquid products and stops moisture entering the pump. Products also retain their flavour and/or quality.  

Who can benefit from liquid control?

Anyone who wants to vacuum-seal liquids or products containing liquids such as soups, sauces, marinades, as well as flour, meat and vegetables will benefit from liquid control. This also applies to non-food products such as oiled components. Liquid control not only ensures that your product is optimally packaged, but also keeps your machine and pump clean. So that you can enjoy using your Henkelman for longer.

Handy option for vacuum-packing liquids

Vacuum-sealing liquids is even easier with the addition of an angled insert plate. This allows you to position the vacuum bag at a certain angle, making the vacuum-packing process even easier and more efficient. 

Frequently asked questions

Why is my product boiling?

Pressure in the vacuuming machine decreases during the vacuuming process. This also lowers the boiling temperature of any liquids present in your product. When the vacuum chamber reaches a pressure that results in a boiling temperature that is lower than the actual temperature of the product, the liquid present will boil.

Is my product affected by boiling while under vacuum?

That depends on the product. There is hardly any effect on pure liquids such as water. Is liquid part of your product or is water incorporated into the product? Then it is possible that the water will evaporate when it boils. This can dry the product out. A composite product containing liquid can also curdle.

Should I discard a product if it boils?

No. The vacuuming process stops when a product boils. This may mean that the intended final vacuum pressure is not achieved. You do not have to discard your products, but the shelf life of your product may be reduced.